Perforator Models

NOTE: DO NOT use the model number alone to order a perforator. The price is dependent on what its inscription says because each model is ultimately customized. We need to know the other requirements such as the EXACT inscription so that we can quote on the correct model variation to provide an accurate price.

Whenever a date or numbering is not required for an application, fixed inscription perforations that have one, two, or three lines can be used (up to a maximum of 9-10 characters including spaces maximum). The Model 400A American Perforator is the solution. ALL perforators made by American Perforator Co. are heavy-duty and electric.


The actual color of the machines can be seen in this image much more accurately. They are ALL grayish silver.


Model 400 Perforator
The numbers and/or the date on the middle (2nd line) are changeable on this model version and it is the most popular, while the 3rd and the 1st lines can be used for as many as 9 to 10 fixed digits or characters (including spaces). For perforation purposes, one, two, or three lines can be used on the Model 400.

NOTE: both the Models 410 & 400 are only basic configurations. All of our dating and numbering perforators are custom built to order and are derived from these two models. The capability of the Model 410 is the primary difference between these two basic models

Model 410 Perforator

With its versatile changeable first line, our multipurpose Model 410 has an unlimited number of possible applications. The first line above the date can be changed easily by simply removing a metal “matrix key” and inserting a different one.

In addition, being available with one, two, or three line perforations, its unlimited number of uses makes the Model 410 an asset that is very valuable for any business that has many different requirements for perforations.


The top of the perforation starts about 5/8 inch (16mm) from the leading edge of the paper on the more common applications including invoice canceling. By adding a special fixed back stop, this distance can be modified so the perforation begins closer to the document’s leading edge. The perforated holes are spaced so that they limit the destruction of any print on the documents and are normally .046 inch in diameter. In some cases a .036 inch hole punch must be used where a smaller hole size is needed or the number of digits required for numbering is greater than 8. However, when the smaller hole size is required, the capacity of the machine will be less.

If a Date is used, the distance from the top of the DATE to the leading edge of the paper is about 1 5/8 inch (approx. 41mm) and the width of the inscription is about 1 7/8 inch (approx. 46mm) wide. Usually, the DATE numbers are separated by one divider hole and consist of 6 changeable digits. The divider holes can’t be removed, but the date digits, can be very easily blanked out if necessary. 

The American Perforator Company has met the requirements of businesses all over the world for more than 100 years – beginning in 1910. This company has manufactured a complete line of perforating machines that can be used for both custom and basic applications from invoice cancelingmail receiptingBingo card validationCasino coupon book dating to ID card and credit card cancellation. American Perforator originated the electric perforator and continues to set the standard for longevity and reliability, at a price that is very competitive.

There are three very good reasons that many businesses and governmental agencies can and do use 400 series perforators:

1) To Permanently Mark Documents: Perforation will provide a clear and permanent perforation for many kinds of documents. You can also mark more than one document at a time.

Your efforts will be irreversible and complete: You cannot erase a hole and you won’t “miss” any documents in the stack.

2) To Enhance Productivity in the Office: The model 400 series perforator marks documents quickly and clearly, marking up to as many as *25 documents at one time, although few than 25 is more realistic for most applications.. Temporary staff will even be able to mark thousands of documents per hour effortlessly and accurately. *(Because of the different models and the difference of paper thickness, 15 to 18 sheets at one time is more common and realistic.)

3) The Elimination of Duplicate Payments: This application is our most popular. Even one duplicate payment is one too many!
Auditors really love perforators when used for canceling invoices and eliminate internal fraud or the duplicate payment of an invoice. There are lots of different reasons why this happens at times – like a faint impression on an invoice or if invoices are stuck together. The 400 series perforator is able to leave an obvious and permanent mark through ALL the documents in an invoice package marking when the payment has been made. On our most popular electric perforator, The Model 400, the 1st and 3rd lines can be used for as many as 9-10 fixed digits and/or characters (including spaces) and changeable digits can be used on the 2nd line.   A limited number or changeable characters in the middle line is also possible depending on your requirements.

The Model 400 is available with one, two, or three lines for perforations. The middle line will usually have a changeable date. The standard “Date” in the formats of MM.DD.YY or DD.MM.YY and “PAID” perforations are readily available.

The Model 400A is the solution for special applications that are heavy duty and only require a fixed inscription. Should the concern be the number of papers or documents to be perforated, the 400A is our alternative to hand perforators.

DURABILITY THAT IS UNEXCELLED:  Our perforators are made to last and perform. From the hardened steel punches and handcrafted matrix rings to the classic design of the cast metal body, our perforators have durability that is time tested and designed and manufactured into each perforator. Many of our clients have originally purchased their perforators decades ago and they are still operable today!