ID Cancellation Perforator

ID perforator eagleAmerican perforators are used by schools, businesses, law enforcement, governmental agencies and others to cancel or void ID cards when the person it was issued to is no longer employed there. Many law enforcement and governmental bodies will use a perforator to cancel the ID card and give the cancelled card back to the person as a memento and/or a courtesy.

In some cases the ID card is merely perforated with the word VOID, CANCELLED or RETIRED. In other cases the machines are setup up to perforate other inscriptions depending upon the user’s application.

There are many other applications for our perforators – from dating and marking incoming mailcanceling invoices, dating or numbering documents and much more. We have been building perforators in America for over 100 years. We build the finest machines available and they require almost zero maintenance. Our machines come standard with a 1-yr. Factory Parts & Labor Warranty and priority service by our factory personnel is our norm. These machines are very versatile when it comes to marking id cards, credit cards and many, many types of paper documents and even X-Rays.

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