Invoice Canceling Perforator

american perforatorInvoice canceling is normally accomplished either by hand stamping each invoice and its accompanying documents or marking them using a date stamper… one invoice or sheet at a time – or by using the most efficient and safe method: an invoice canceling perforator. These machines have been used for the canceling of invoices for many years. Auditors in particular like them as perforators are very helpful in preventing internal fraud. You simply cannot erase a hole!

When invoices are being canceled, multiple invoices can be canceled with a single actuation. The thickness of the documents in the invoice package will determine how many sheets can be canceled at one time. Company literature states that “up to 25 sheets in a single pass” is possible. In my experience, this can only be accomplished IF the sheets of paper are very thin – something like “onion skin”. A much more realistic capacity when invoice canceling, is 15-18 sheets at one time. Many users can in fact get 20 or so sheets at a single pass, but I tend to address the issue of perforator capacity based on over 30 years experience. Regardless though, if you require 2 or more passes to perforate an entire invoice package of documents, each actuation takes only a second, so there is very little loss of time involved.

Invoice canceling perforator – easy to use

When you perforate a stack of invoices, you don’t “miss” any sheets. The holes are permanent and have been sized and spaced so as to perforate right on top of text and still allow it to be read in most cases. All the invoices and supporting documents are permanently marked. Time studies done in the past have shown that many companies can cost justify the purchase of an invoice canceling perforator within the first 2 years from employee time savings alone. That means the perforator has actually paid for itself long before it has been taken off the books.

When you consider that the life expectancy for a perforator averages 15-20 years, you can begin to see how over the long run a perforator used for canceling invoices can be a real money saving asset to your company or agency. Additionally perforators can be used for: invoice canceling id canceling, coupon canceling or dating, booklet canceling or dating, X-ray dating, canceling misc. documents and more.

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