Casino Coupon Dating Perforator

Casinos traditionally hand out coupon booklets as promotional gifts to new arriving guests. These booklets have a number of valueable coupons inside them and they normally are validated to show they are good until a given date, or having them perforated to show the date the coupons expire.

Validating or dating casino coupon booklets is also, in most cases, a high volume application and it is not uncommon for a casino to have multiple perforators so that the work load is spread out over several machines. Another reason casinos use multiple dating perforators is to have them in different locations.

A casino coupon dating perforator is fast

american perforatorBecause most casinos have a lot of these booklets to hand out, having an American perforator(s) to use for the dating of the coupons or booklets is a valuable tool and a time saving asset as well. No other dating or marking method currently available will allow the end user the flexibility to mark (in many cases) an entire booklet at one pass. High volume applications like dating or marking casino coupon booklets will dull the cutting head on a perforator faster than lower volume applications will. This means that many casino users will eventually need to return their machine(s) to the factory for cutting head resharpening and a thorough examination of the operating parts.

Our factory has been building casino dating perforators for this application for a very long time. These perforators are in use all over the country and even on some cruise ships.

American Perforator Company has been in the sole business of building custom perforating machines for over 100 years and looks forward to many more. We stand behind our product (which is American made!) and when needed, we give our customers priority service on their machines. Due to the way we designed our perforators, with most of the moving parts sealed in a metal housing, these machines require almost zero maintenance by their operators.

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