Bingo Cards Validation

american perforator eagle Bingo halls traditionally will either date their cards using a dating perforator to validate them for a given date, or they will use the dating perforator to VOID the cards after they have been paid. Some Bingo halls will validate small stacks of packettes of bingo cards at one time.

Validating or dating of bingo cards has been around a very long time and is still one of the best methods to make sure that all the cards get marked permanently and quickly. This is especially important when there are a lot of bingo cards involved.

Our machines are built as heavy duty as possible with most of the moving parts sealed inside of metal casings. This helps to eliminate the need for most maintenance and field repairs. Using an American perforator for validating, dating or voiding your Bingo play cards is a permanent, easy, fast and efficient method to mark your cards.

If you have the need for a way to mark your bingo cards, please contact us today for a quotation.