Mail Receipting Perforator

American perforators have long been used for mail receipting. This is also called mail dating. When incoming mail is received, many companies and agencies must open all mail and then mark the date it was received on each one. Unless a perforator is used for this application, individual letters and documents must be hand stamped, hand dated, or marked using a date stamping machine. Anyone who has used any of these methods knows that all of these can only mark the date on *one* document at a time. If there is a large volume of mail involved, which is the case much of the time, mail receipting aka mail dating, can take a long time to finish.

A mail receipting perforator is efficient!

When using an American perforator to date your mail, you simply open up the letters and make a stack out of them. Then you insert 15-18 letters at a time into the throat opening of the machine and all of them are dated in a fraction of a second! The number of sheets that you can insert into the mail dating perforator will depend on the mix and the thickness of the documents. If some of the paper is thicker than normal, you will get fewer sheets into the throat opening. If you have a lot of thin paper documents in the stack, you may get more into the throat opening. The important thing is: you can insert as many sheets at one time into the throat opening as you can AS LONG AS YOU DO NOT HAVE TO FORCE THEM IN. If the stack of letters will slide into the opening without any resistance, then you are american perforatornot overloading the perforator. If you DO have to force them in, even a little bit, they you are attempting to overload the machine and you must remove a few sheets to correct that condition.

Using a perforator for high volume, or date-sensitive mail receipting can save a lot of employee time, and consequently the machine will pay for itself quicker.

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