Paper Perforator

paper perforator eagleThe American Perforator Company builds custom perforation machines for our customers that want to mark inscriptions, numbers, dates, etc. on multiple documents at one time. This is a time saver for them as well as being a permanent marking method and an internal fraud prevention technique when it is used for invoice canceling. A paper perforator of the type we build is NOT used for creating straight-line perforations on papers. That is an entirely different type of perforating machine.

Don’t stamp – use a Paper Perforator

When you want to mark the date on your incoming mail, cancel your accounting invoices, number a particular document, void game cards used in your Bingo operation, date your X-Rays, void your ID cards or credit cards, mark your Source Documents as having been entered, or any other application that requires multiple document marking, consider using an American paper perforator for the job.

American perforator has been building custom paper perforator machines for over 100 years. The machines are as heavy duty as they come with most moving parts sealed inside of metal casings. The end result is that there is almost zero maintenance on these machines. They are built to last many years (depending on usage of course) and when they require a new cutting head or some other major item, the factory is equipped to not only deal with that, but they give customer machines in for repair top priority.

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