X-Ray Dating Perforator

american perforator Many hospitals, radiology companies and imaging centers use perforation as their preferred method of X-Ray dating. Traditional methods of dating X-Ray films often leave the date difficult to read. When using a perforator to date X-Ray film, the machine are normally built inverted. This makes it so that the X-Ray film, after being developed, then has its bottom edge inserted into the X-Ray dating perforator – one film at a time. This places the date at the bottom of the film. When the film is then placed onto an X-Ray film viewer – normally via the top edge of the film, the date is then very legible and right-side-up along the bottom edge of the film. This makes it very clear and easy for doctors and radiologists to view the date. When X-Rays are taken over several days, being able to easily read the date on the films becomes important to the doctors.

An X-Ray dating perforator

can be built without the added cost of being inverted. When the date is not inverted, the film is perforated either on the sides or bottom of the film. If the X-Ray is dated on the side, the date is shown along that edge and the person viewing it may have to tilt their head to one side to read it. When dated along the bottom edge without being inverted, the date would show upside-down. Most users do prefer to have their X-Ray dating perforators built with the date inverted for the best end result.