Document Perforator

document perforator eagle Many government agencies, schools, businesses, insurance companies, law enforcement agencies etc. depend on American perforators for marking documents, dating documents, numbering documents, and receipting documents instead of hand stamping them one at a time. American perforators are capable of marking with permanent holes, up to 20-25 documents at one time. Realistically, in most scenarios, 15-20 pages being marked at one time is more realistic though. Using a perforator to indelibly mark multiple documents at one time is a lot faster and more efficient than hand stamping papers since you can only stamp one at a time. Over the years, a number of studies have shown dramatic time savings when using a document marking perforator for document dating, numbering, voiding, etc. In most of the studies, document perforators paid for themselves in cost/time savings within the first 1-2 years!

Document Perforator Is Efficient

If you have a lot of documents that you need to number, mark or date, using our perforators for these applications just makes good sense. Additionally, you are unable erase the holes, and you can’t “miss” a page when perforating multiple pages at one time. Perforation is easy, fast and cost effective.

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