Document Numbering Perforator

american perforatorMany types of businesses, government agencies, schools, insurance companies, law enforcement agencies etc. rely on a document numbering perforator rather than hand stamping to number their paper documents. Dating and numbering documents is much faster using a perforator than it is hand stamping (you can stamp multiple sheets at one time with a perforator, but you can only stamp ONE document at a time with a hand stamp). Over the years, many studies have been done on time savings using a perforator for document dating or document numbering. In almost every study, the perforators paid for themselves in time savings within the first 1-2 years!

A document numbering perforator is efficient!

When you have a volume of documents that require you date or number them, then to use a document dating perforator or a document numbering machine makes fiscal sense. Also, you cannot erase a hole, nor can you “miss” a sheet when perforating multiple documents at one time. Perforation is easy, fast and cost effective.

We have been building custom perforators for our customers now for over 100 years and we know how to build a quality machine that will give many years of use with a minimum or fuss. Our machines are AMERICAN MADE, they are very heavy duty and most of the moving parts are located inside a sealed metal housing. There are very few items that can give problems in the field and we designed them that way. We ship our perforating machines all over the world and into some very remote locations. This is a testament to their durabiltity.

Each American perforation machine comes with a one year Factory Parts and Labor Warranty.

Contact us today to discuss how an American perforator can save you time and money for your document dating, numbering or other marking applications.