Document Dating Perforator

document dating eagleAmerican perforators are used extensively for many different types of document marking applications. A document dating perforator is used frequently for dating the incoming mail, dating bids, putting the date on engineering plans and many other applications that require a permanent date.

So if you need to date your incoming mail, cancel paid invoices, void out Bingo game cards, put the date on X-Rays, void out credit cards or the ID cards of retiring employees, or any other of the many applications that require you to put the date on multiple documents, consider one of our American made dating perforators.

Dating of documents had historically been done either by hand or with the use of a hand stamp. These methods only allow one page at a time to be dated and when a large volume of documents are needed to be dated, this can be a very time consuming process and ultimately expensive.

Use a document dating perforator and save

We have been building the dating perforators now for over 100 years. These machines are heavy duty with most of the moving parts having been sealed inside a metal case. There is almost NO maintenance required on these machines other than proper operation, dumping of the paper chads and some minor annual lubricating. These perforators are built to last many years and if they ever require a new or resharpened cutting head or other repair that cannot be handled in the field, the factory is equipped to deal with that issue. Simply give us a call and we will assist you.

Email us today with your requirements so we can provide a quote on one of our perforators for document dating for you.