Date Perforator – Date Perforator

date perforator eagleThe American date perforator is used extensively to date stamp documents and X-Rays. A date perforator is used for dating many different types of documents, from incoming mail to dating bids, dating engineering plans or any other application that requires a permanent date to be on a document. Dating invoices, along with the inscription of PAID is a very common application and auditors really like these machines.

If you require a date on your incoming mail, date on your paid invoices, date stamp your Bingo game cards or one of many other date stamp or date perforator applications that require you to put a permanent date on multiple documents, the American brand dating perforator is what you need.

Date stamp and/or date perforator use has historically been done with a hand stamp, by hand or using an ink type dating stamper where only ONE document can be dated at a time. These methods which allow only one page to be dated at a time are just not efficient at all when you have a large volume of documents to be dated. One document at a time is normally a very time consuming process and consequently it is expensive.

Use a date perforator and save

American Perforator has been building perforators to date document now for more than a 100 years. These machines are heavy duty and have most of their moving parts sealed inside a metal casing. There is very little maintenance required with these machines aside from proper operation, clearing out the paper chads and some minor annual oiling. These date perforators are built to last and when they require a repair or a new or resharpened cutting head that cannot be repaired in the customer’s location, the factory is set up to handle that issue. Just call us and we will assist you.

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